Answering Your FAQs about Floor Medallions

7/11/2016, Savannah, GA

Inlaid floor medallions at ILA building and Comfort Suites.

Eyeing a great floor medallion upon entering a building or a room can spark a “wow” moment for your first time and repeat visitors.  Floor medallions tend to be big, bold, and impressive, and they are easily be tailored to make and reinforce good impressions; in fact, they are endlessly customizable, so they can be designed, cut and installed for virtually any need and any budget.

The wide range of options sometimes gives rise to questions that we hear quite frequently, so our Precision Cutting Service team wanted to put together a quick FAQ covering some of the basics.

Answering Five Top Questions about Floor Medallions

  1. What materials can you use?

Broadly speaking, if it’s a material that can be used in flooring, we can probably use it to make a floor medallion.  Just a few examples would include porcelain, ceramic, vinyl composition tile, natural stone, marble or granite.  Our water jet cutters can precisely cut just about material, giving you plenty of options.

  1. How long will a floor medallion last?

If you’re using porcelain, ceramic, stone, or other hard materials, they will easily last the life of the building.  Stone mosaics are some of the most durable forms of art in existence.  Barring physical damage, they’re almost eternal.

  1. Do I need to provide you with CAD files?

No.  While we’re certainly happy to work from furnished CAD files, we also have a full design staff that can help take your ideas and turn them into reality—even if all you have is a napkin sketch.

  1. Can you send me a preview of what my medallion will look like?

Absolutely.  We are happy to provide previews and samples before you commit to the manufacture and installation. We never proceed until we receive final approval from you.

  1. Do floor medallions require special maintenance or upkeep?

No, nothing different than the materials the rest of the floor requires.  In nearly all situations, they can be cleaned in the exact same way, at the same time, that you’re cleaning your floor.

Precision Cutting Can Create Top-Tier Floor Medallions

Over the years, we’ve installed plenty of spectacular floor medallions and logos, such as the floor medallion pictured above for a local hotel.  Whether for a school, corporate offices, or even a home, we can make beautiful medallions. Contact us today for an estimate.

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