An Inside Look at a Clever Project Using Our Water Jet Cutting Services

Joe Moore, founder and president of Precision Cutting Service (PCS), is fond of saying, “when it comes to water jet cutting, we are limited only by one’s imagination.” And to illustrate that point he likes to offer as an example the butterfly chairs his firm recently made for an old customer.


A little while back, this customer, while traveling, noticed a sturdy and comfortable metal chair that looked like a butterfly and decided she wanted one for her garden. Upon returning home, she could not find one for sale, so she contacted her friends at Precision Cutting Service to see if they could help her out, and help they did.  She sent them a photo and a sketch and the PCS crew took it from there.


Precision Cutting Service’s deign team converted the sketch to a CAD drawing, then made a few enhancements to make the design more durable and to really standout.


Including modifying the original design, cutting ¼” steel plates, bending and welding the pieces together and powder coating the finished product, the entire process only took about two weeks, with a final price that was surprisingly affordable. The PCS customer was so impressed she immediately ordered a second chair.


Since then, Precision Cutting Service has sold several more custom butterfly chairs through a local lawn and garden store and soon plans to make them available online.

6/17/2016, Savannah, GA Various furnishings and inlays at Joe's house.

How PCS Did It

The team first loaded the enhanced design (cutting diagrams) into its computer-controlled water jet cutting machines, and then placed large ¼” iron sheets under the cutting nozzles. Next, they cut out the butterfly’s wings and body that made the upright portion of the chair. Then, they cut out the seat. Once the cutting was complete, both plates were sent to their fabrication department where they were bent and welded the sheets together to make the chair. Last, the PCS team moved the chair to its powder coat facility where they applied the rich hammered rust appearance and crated the chair for shipping.


Precision Cutting Service

… will soon be offering these custom-crafted butterfly chairs for use in lawns and gardens nationwide. To discover more about these outstanding pieces and/or to speak with a member of their water jet cutting services team contact us today!


Precision Cutting Service’s water jet cutting skills allows end users to achieve a higher level of precision than can be achieved with most other cutting systems. In cases where material might be burned, cracked, or melted by other cutting methods, water jet cutting keeps the material intact and in peak condition. PCS’s outstanding water jet cutting capabilities are the leading reason why so many people turn to them for solutions to their cutting and fabricating needs.  To learn more, contact us today.